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MP Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services specializes in air duct cleaning for residental and commercial.
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Professional air duct cleaning is something you should consider investing in regularly. It offers many benefits such as improved air quality and airflow, increased sanitation, reduced HVAC running costs...

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Dryer Vent Service

One of the most important parts of ductwork cleaning that we offer at MP Professional Duct Cleaning is one that is often overlooked by many – our dryer vent cleaning service. On the following page...

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Below we have outlined a few of the other products we offer, in addition to our cleaning services at MP Professional Duct Cleaning. We are sure you’ve probably heard a lot about HEPA...

About MP Professional

Our Promise To You

Mission Statement

When it comes to hiring a reliable and effective duct cleaning company that has experience and skills, we hope our team at MP Professional Air Duct Cleaning is one you will consider first. We have maintained an exceptional reputation in the industry since our company was established 6 years ago. We believe part of the reason is because of our strong company mission statement and overall work ethic.

Quality Comes First

We don’t believe in just finishing a job, quality for us is always a top priority because we know that this is what our customers expect from us. After all, why would you pay for anything less than the best.

The success of our company rests on the experience our customers have and whether it’s a positive one or not. That is why we will always ensure that we have completed a job fully to the satisfaction of our customers.

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Particularly with new customers who have never used our services before, we know we need to show that we are serious about our commitment to quality service. That’s why we offer a full 90-days money-back guarantee on all the work we provide if for whatever reason a customer is not happy with the results of our cleaning services.

Clean, Safe and Sanitary Work Environment

More than ever before we are aware, like companies and organizations across sectors, just how important health, safety, and hygiene is. Since the Covid-19 pandemic took a firm grip on the world there is a strong emphasis on making sure the work we carry out is safe and hygiene-conscious.

We equipped ourselves with the best and most effective PPE and always ensure that we treat your home or professional property with the respect and care it deserves. The areas we work in while cleaning your ductwork will always be left in the same condition, we found them in. Not cleaning up after ourselves, in our opinion, would mean a job half done and that’s not part of our mission statement.

Strong Customer Reviews and Testimonials

As a customer-driven company, we are determined to deliver an experience for our customers that meets and exceeds their expectations. Our strong customer reviews and testimonials are evidence of that. We are proud to say that we have yet to experience a customer, whom we’ve worked with, provided a cleaning service for the ducts, and all associated appliances and fixtures that was not delighted with the quality.

Not only that but because we do not see each individual customer as being a one-time experience, we are always looking for ways to foster and maintain a long-lasting business relationship. We want all new customers to become regular customers.

Business Growth from Referrals and Our Reviews

In the modern-day we think our customers, new and existing, deserve more than annoying cold callers and telemarketers. We have made it a point, from the very beginning, not to use those kinds of tactics to promote our services or to get business. Our strong and effective customer referrals program, customer reviews and testimonials, and the evidence of our past work are all that we need.

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Exclusive Referral Program

How Does It Work?

MP Professional Duct Cleaning is a people-orientated and driven company. We want our customers to be happy before, during, and long after we’ve completed work on their homes and properties. Rather than just using our services on a one-time offer, we want you to choose us for all your HVAC and ductwork cleaning needs. It is the best way to truly benefit from our services, as you can always be sure you will get the same quality and results every single time.

As we don’t like using annoying, pushy, and invasive telemarking and cold calling techniques to gain new customers, we mainly rely on our customer reviews, testimonials, and referrals. Therefore, to make it worth your while if you refer your family members and friends to MP Professional Air Duct Cleaning, we are running a very exclusive referral program.

As well as gaining the benefit of our services for your own property, your friends and family will also get the same experience and, as a thank you, we will offer the same quality services we are well-known for at incredibly discounted prices.

After you have had work completed by our highly experienced and skilled team, and when you are fully satisfied with the results, we want to ask you to refer us to others in your social and even professional circles.

Make sure that when your referrals contact us that they give us your full details and then you will get the full benefit of incredible savings on future work.