MP Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

The Process:

Professional air duct cleaning is something you should consider investing in regularly. It offers many benefits such as improved air quality and airflow, increased sanitation, reduced HVAC running costs, and ultimately makes the interior environments of your property more comfortable.

When you choose MP Professional Air Duct Cleaning you are getting a service that is comprehensive, affordable, and completed to a high standard.

What is Involved in Our Air Duct Cleaning Process?

We are fully dedicated to offering the best value for money we can at MP Professional Air Duct Cleaning. What do you get for your investment?

As we know how much time and effort you likely spend on keeping your home clean, we don’t want to make more work for you than necessary. Also given how important proper sanitation is, we only enter your home and use our equipment after it has been thoroughly sanitized by using natural disinfectants. You can of course request that we use chemical-based products if you prefer.

We also sanitize all of our equipment once the job is complete and make sure that the workspace is clean, safe, and fully sanitized. You will never find a mess or dirt and the only evidence and trace of our work is your air ducts working efficiently.

Considering the current Covid-19 outbreak, we have also started wearing respirators and gloves on all jobs as well as surgical-grade booties over the top of our socks. We take health and safety seriously and never cut corners.

Use a Combination of Air Pressure and Vacuum Suction

To start any job we will inspect your air duct system and take pictures that we can use as a comparison to after we have completed the job. After this inspection we will use our maximum power high-pressure air compression (there is no water used at all), which provides streams at 300psi to clean and clear all the main ducts in your system. We will also make sure that your vents are fully cleaned and sanitized before moving on.

Manual Sweeping of Return Air Vents and Main Trunk

The next step in the process is sweeping out the main trunk (normally located in your basement) and the return air vents.

Appliance Inspection

If there are no complications with any of the above, we will then fully inspect and assess not just your furnace and air conditioner, but your humidifier as well. This is an important step, as we need to ensure the airflow is evenly distributed throughout your home.

Photo and Live Video Inspection

We will then either take pictures or live videos of the air ducts to make sure the vents are completely clear and clean.

Dryer Vents

The dryer vents are always the last thing we will clean before we start tidying up and getting ready to leave.

To complete this process, we will run a final inspection and make sure everything is working properly before signing off and leaving your property as we found it.